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3 Big (Ongoing) Issues the Recent Cracker Barrel Social Media Crisis Highlights

In case you missed it, Cracker Barrel fell victim to the most recent “internet mob” last week and had its social media pages completely taken over by folks fighting for Annette Byrd (#BradsWife) to get her job back. A little background: In Feb., Cracker Barrel fired Annette Byrd. On Feb. 27, Annette’s husband, Brad, started ranting about the firing on Facebook. On March 21, he posted a comment on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page asking why his wife was fired. A couple days later, seemingly the entire internet was commenting on Cracker Barrel social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) about...

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Do What Works; Don’t Do What Doesn’t!

Recently, I wrote, Predictable Revenue. It’s about sales process, in the article I made a statement which is suddenly making the rounds on social media. I said, “While the concept of the sales process is very simple—do what works, don’t do what doesn’t work, recognize the patterns for success, repeat, repeat, repeat.” The concept, Do What Works, Don’t Do What Doesn’t, really applies to everything we do. Some of you are getting pissed off, thinking “Dave you are stating the obvious, do you take us for idiots?” Well, no, but….. Too often I see organizations committed to doing what...

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3 Tips for Handling Negative Comments Like a Social Pro

The current climate of Social Media can be a bit hot as of late. Updates people feel very strongly about tend to draw some serious commenting, often not very pleasant. While most of the really nasty, negative comments are aimed at personal updates or news articles, occasionally negative feedback or comments make their way to a business page, perhaps even to your business page. Here are 3 tips for handling these comments like a Social Media Marketer without damaging your reputation. 1. Be Polite and Helpful Even when you don’t want to be nice, be nice! Again, this is...

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Common Pitching Mistakes and Simple Fixes

Are your pitches falling on deaf ears? Read this article for advice. How successful have your media pitching efforts been? Have you landed high-quality media coverage from sending emails to reporters? If you haven’t been seeing success, there may be some easy fixes to help you land your next placement. Read on for some advice on honing your pitching strategy. Common Pitching Mistakes You Might Be Making The Mistake: Not Pitching the Right Person The Fix: Research the Publication to Find the Best Fit If your pitches are being sent to the spam folder, you may not be contacting...

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