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Content, Customer Experience, and Data

Want more revenue and profit for your business? Of course you do; who doesn’t? But what really leads to profits? And how can digital deliver on that for your business? Good questions, if I do say so myself. Even better: I’ve got some answers for you. Content is king Customer experience is queen Data is the crown jewels Okay, so these sound clever and all. But what do they mean in practice? Well, as it happens, I’ve got an answer for that, too, for you. Let’s consider a representative customer for a moment. Andrea is a 43-year-old vice-president of...

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Hunter Adams | Crain’s St. Louis

In this ongoing series, we ask executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders about mistakes that have shaped their business philosophy. Writer, Director By Dong Oh Background:   Hunter Adams is a writer and director whose most recent film, “Dig Two Graves,” premieres March 24. Set in the 1970s, the supernatural thriller tells the story of a 13-year-old girl whose brother drowns in a mysterious accident. The Mistake: I think you have to be a little self-delusional to make an independent film — you have to believe that the film is going to be the greatest thing since “Citizen Kane.” Otherwise,...

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An Introduction to Automated and Interactive Processes

All managers face the same question: “How do I improve the way my business works?” Well, according to BPTrends 2016 report, the percentage of executives who see processes as the crucial way to drive their businesses forward is 24 times the number who always have standard processes to follow and 6 times the number who always document their processes. Executives see the value yet fail with the execution. Clearly, we need to investigate how processes can be employed better in the workplace. Microsoft’s Developer Network see effective processes as fitting into two neat categories: automated processes which are software...

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Kathleen “Kitty” Ratcliffe | Crain’s St. Louis

In this ongoing series, we ask executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders about mistakes that have shaped their business philosophy. President, Explore St. Louis Background:   The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, which does business as Explore St. Louis, is a nonprofit civic organization charged with promoting St. Louis and St. Louis County as a destination for leisure and business. Prior to joining Explore St. Louis as president, Ratcliffe served as executive vice president for the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Mistake: Taking a position that leaves you no room for negotiation. I was an 18-year-old...

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3 Big (Ongoing) Issues the Recent Cracker Barrel Social Media Crisis Highlights

In case you missed it, Cracker Barrel fell victim to the most recent “internet mob” last week and had its social media pages completely taken over by folks fighting for Annette Byrd (#BradsWife) to get her job back. A little background: In Feb., Cracker Barrel fired Annette Byrd. On Feb. 27, Annette’s husband, Brad, started ranting about the firing on Facebook. On March 21, he posted a comment on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page asking why his wife was fired. A couple days later, seemingly the entire internet was commenting on Cracker Barrel social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) about...

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